School tours

Embrace the Adventure with your annual school tour at The toy soldier factory. 

Hands-on learning, exciting education

Pure, unadulterated Fun! No smoke and mirrors here – just the genuine workings of a real factory, with real workers and a real process. Our tours offer an immersive learning experience, providing firsthand insight into the inner workings of an authentic old-world factory.

Students have the opportunity to engage in various aspects of the manufacturing process, from vulcanizing to metal spin casting. Our packages cater to both Primary Schools (ages 8+) and Secondary Schools, offering a rich educational experience across multiple subjects.

A table is filled with unpainted miniature figurines of various characters, including fairies and soldiers. Paintbrushes, colorful paint tubes arranged in rows, and sheets of example designs are visible in the background, suggesting a painting activity.


Explore the art of colour mixing and figure painting, learning the intricacies of sequential colouring. 

Close-up of a person in a blue hoodie pouring molten metal using a ladle into a mold on a workbench. The workbench has various metal components and tools scattered around, indicating a metalworking or casting project.


Delve into the world of metals, gaining a deeper understanding of metal casting processes.

A figurine of a military officer stands on a wooden platform with a blurred indoor background. The uniform includes a cap, long coat, and knee-high boots. There is a plaque on the front of the base.


Uncover the stories behind historical figures, making history come alive.

A man with gray hair and glasses, wearing a blue shirt and a white bib, is focused on painting a small piece at a table. The table is covered with various paints, brushes, and a detailed guide. The background shows a blue wall and shelves.


Gain insights into the inner workings of a real-life factory.

School Tour packages

Make and Paint a Model Workshop

A spacious room with wooden floors and white walls, set up for educational activities. Round and rectangular tables are arranged with various crafts, models, and learning materials. Colorful chairs and stools provide seating. Information posters are on the walls.

Duration: 3 hours

Primary and Secondary Schools Package

A group of cheerful schoolchildren, wearing green uniforms, are gathered outside, some holding snacks and making playful gestures towards the camera.

From €10 pp

Primary Schools Package

A group of children in colorful uniforms are gathered around a workbench in a workshop. They are smiling, giving thumbs-up, and appear excited. Some are holding small metal objects. An adult in the background watches over them. Various tools are visible on the bench.

From €8 pp

workshops for other occasions

Contact us by phone to have our flexible team organise a special event for you.

We can arrange freshly baked scones with butter and jam, along with tea and coffee. A minimum of 12 guests is required.