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toy soldier factory

Try your hand at customising your own toy soldier, in our working factory.

Model Workshops

A person with long hair is focusing on painting a small figurine using a fine brush. The table in front holds several bottles of paint, an instruction booklet with pictures, and other crafting supplies. The background is a workshop setting with shelves and chairs.

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Tours & Parties

A group of cheerful schoolchildren, wearing green uniforms, are gathered outside, some holding snacks and making playful gestures towards the camera.

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Factory Shop

A well-lit museum exhibit displaying numerous historical figurines and miniatures in glass cabinets. To the left, there's a suit of medieval knight armor next to a rack of shields and wooden swords for children. The exhibit is titled "IRISH WILD GEESE.

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Some of the real metal models your can make and paint

Don’t fret if some of your kids are a bit young for the workshops, as they can avail of our child-safe cosplay wooden swords, shields and outfits or choose our prepainted plastic fantasy figure range from Papo.