Factory Shop

A haven for toy soldier collectors

The Toy Soldier Factory is a haven for toy soldier collectors. Let us share some fascinating details about this unique place:

A woman with a backpack looking at various miniature toy soldiers displayed inside a glass case in a store. The store's signage reads "DODGESE TOY SOLDIERS.

Extensive Ranges

The Toy Soldier Factory boasts some of the largest ranges in the world. These ranges include unique figures that can only be purchased at their factory.

A wooden chessboard with black and silver pieces set up for a game, positioned on a table with a blurred market or mall background.

Pewter Chess Sets

Our Pewter chess set range is the largest in the world. Chess enthusiasts can find an impressive variety of pieces here.

A themed chess set on a wooden board, featuring intricately detailed pieces, including knights and castles, set up and ready for a game. A blurred background suggests a public setting.

Fantasy & History

We have collections inspired by historical events, fantasy literature (such as J.R.R. Tolkien’s works), and more. Look out for the historic Irish Brigade and the Napoleonic 54mm ranges

Three small figurines on wooden bases are displayed. The first portrays a medieval warrior with an axe, labeled "Brian Boru". The middle one is a figure in green military attire labeled "Michael Collins". The third is a woman with a dress and gun, labeled "Grainne O'Malley".

Irish Heroes Collection

You will find a unique collection of 13 Irish heroes in our shop. These figures celebrate notable historical figures from Ireland, including Gráinne O’Malley and Michael Collins

A festive image features three Christmas ornaments: an angel with long blonde hair and white robes, Santa Claus with a green gift, and a red stocking filled with presents and a teddy bear. The background is a blurred mix of green and red colors.

Classical Flat Christmas Decoration

This is one of most popular ranges particulary amongst women. We sell them both antiqued and handpainted by our local artist Eileen. Or you can buy a set to paint yourself.

A detailed miniature figurine shows a person in medieval attire holding a sword and fighting a large spider. Another version of the same miniature, unpainted and in grey, is displayed in the background. The backdrop is blurred, highlighting the figurine.

JRR Tolkien Figures

These figures are officially inspired by the Books of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Our designer Chris has been designing these since 1988 and up to today, we have produced over 800 different figures from the books. JRR Tolkien used to spend his summer holidays in Burren, co. Clare and I am sure that if he was still alive, he would have loved to come and see all his creatures.