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September 23, 2018
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The Toy Soldier Factory Visitor Centre is Europe’s only Toy Soldier Factory


One of Ireland’s best hidden attractions. The family owned Toy Soldier Factory has been established in Ireland since 1976. It is situated in the beautiful little village of Kilnamartyra, half way between Killarney town and Cork City on the main N22 road only a short distance from Macroom town. A trip to our newly renovated visitor centre is both an educational and fun experience for all the family. The factory produces hundreds of different black rubber moulds that allows you, the customer, to Make & Paint your own figure from a model soldier, fairies, seasonal ornaments, chess sets, animals and other figurines in metal as many times as you wish. Read more about our workshops.

A visit to our new exhibit of the famous Battle of Waterloo is a must. It depicts the historic and monumental battle of Waterloo, displaying the thousands of men and their cavalry in fine detail during the courageous battle. The huge Diorama totalling 26 x 13 feet (8×4 Metres) in size, houses 15,000 hand cast and hand painted Prince August Model Soldiers by Andre Rudolph from Germany. It took Andre eight passionate years to cast, paint and complete his creation.

Customer reviews on the Toy Soldier Factory

Make fantasy into reality.

What to expect when you visit the Toy Soldier Factory.
We give live casting demonstrations every half an hour in how to cast a metal Toy Soldier! Learn about the history of the ‘Prince August’ brand. There’s no fake machinery or actors – it’s a REAL working factory, with REAL workers and REAL processes. See the mould maker making the moulds, watch in amazement at the painters painting the figures.
One of the only places in the world to see Tin Soldiers being cast the same way that they have been since the 17th Century. Watch closely as a Tin Soldier is cast right before your eyes.

It’s not just a factory but also a visitor centre that allows the childinside each person to unleash its creative spirit.

The gift shop is filled with hand painted soldiers and themed chess sets from many time periods in history as well as fantasy creatures, even jolly little leprechauns. All figurines are hand painted here at the factory.
We also stock Jewellery, Puzzles, Pewter gifts, PaPo figures, Irish hero’s such as Michael Collins, Brian Boru, Hugh O Neill just to mention a few. We manufacture a huge range of Tolkien’s figures from JR Tolkien’s Books, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. All these creatures, from the mightiest dragon to the tiniest Hobbits, are available in hand painted or a pewter finish.

Thousands of tourists visit the Toy Soldier Factory, you can experience first-hand how to cast a miniature, you can also take part in our Make and Paint workshops and visit our new exhibit of the Battle of Waterloo for a small charge.

ADMISSION €3 per person – children under 10 years are free

See our Facebook images of what our customers have created.

Includes entrance to see one of the worlds largest model battle scene of the famous Battle of Waterloo  

Members Free (to become a member speak to any of our staff on you departure of the visitor centre.)

A visit is a Must!


Company Law Statement:

‘Prince August’, ‘Mithril Miniatures’, ‘the Edman Collection’, ‘Toy Soldiers Factory’ are registered trade names of An Grupa Edman Teo ( The Edman Group Ltd).

Registered in Dublin #269484. Directors Lars Edman (swedish), Margaret Edman.

Reg. Office: 1 Kilnamartyra, Macroom.

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