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Winter Workshops at the Toy Soldier Factory

Christmas Creative Workshops in County Cork

May 14, 2021

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The Toy Soldier Factory visitor center, in Kilnamartyra, offers a wide range of cast figures to paint during our workshops. These Christmas workshops are suitable for all genders, young and mature. You can select from fantasy figures like Fairies to historically accurate military soldiers.

There are also seasonal themed choices like Santa Claus, Reindeer, Robin Redbreasts, Angels, Carol Singers and many more that would spice up your Christmas Tree. We also have Fairy doors that you can paint to provide your magical friends a home in your home or garden too.

When you pre-book your workshops we will cast the figure you chose in front of your eyes, then provide a primed version that you can paint in our spacious workshop room, with all the paints and brushes provided. You can follow the painted example if you like that inspiration or do your own thing, its your creation after all. Once completed you can take your finished masterpiece home.

This workshop is suitable for ages 7+ all the way up to adults. Painting a metal miniature is quite different than painting a picture, not only is the model 3 dimensional but the metal surface requires a different approach to applying paint.

You don’t need to bring anything to the factory when you visit. We will supply aprons to protect your clothes.

Winter Workshops include a free badge on completion.
Get a free toy soldier factory badge on completion of any of our Winter Workshops.
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