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May 14, 2021

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The Toy Soldier Factory visitor center in Kilnamartyra will be reopening from May 17th. Visitors can peruse our wide range of hobby casting moulds as well as our Lord of the Rings metal miniatures, metal chess sets, toy soldiers and more. Our staff will give free demonstrations to all visitors, if possible, showing how easy it is to learn how to hand cast metal figures from our black rubber moulds. Usually a demonstration can take 10 to 15 minutes.

Our workshops will not be available until June 8th but you can prebook them now if you wish to plan ahead. To allow for social distancing, you can book a workshop table, that can accommodate up to eight people. The cost is the price of one standard workshop. On arrival, if there are more people wishing to partake in the workshops, payment can be made at the counter. Guardians or parents not involved in the workshop do not pay anything but must be accounted for in the seating limit per table (i.e.: 8 per table).

We look forward to seeing people again and answering their many questions about the hobby. Staff want to assist you in exploring new creative avenues by trying out our wide range of casting options.

Workshops involve picking a figure from the list available and we will cast it for you in front of our eyes. We then give you a primed version. You can paint it in our workshops using acrylic paints under our guidance.

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