Scary Halloween Workshops.

Halloween Workshops with bonus figure and paint pack when complete.

Halloween Workshops

Scary Halloween Workshops.

May 14, 2021

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The Toy Soldier Factory visitor center, in Kilnamartyra, offers a wide range of cast figures to paint during our workshops but as it is Halloween season, we wanted to focus on that theme with a special workshop. We will give you a bonus figure and paint pack to let you continue your hobby after the workshop is completed. This offers you exceptional value at no extra cost.

The new Halloween workshops will be available from October 8th onwards and will consist of a choice between a Black Cat, Ghost, Witch on broomstick, Jack O ‘Lantern Pumpkin, large Were-bat, Frankenstein’s monster head, Vampire head, Skeleton Pirate head and a Werewolf head.

When you pre-book your workshops we will cast the figure you chose in front of your eyes, then provide a primed version that you can paint in our spacious workshop room, with all the paints and brushes provided. You can follow the painted example if you like that inspiration or do your own thing, its your creation after all. Finally when you are finished we will provide another Halloween figure for free at the checkout along with a paint pack that includes a primer and brush along with 10 pots of acrylic paint.

This workshop is suitable for ages 7+ all the way up to adults. Painting a metal miniature is quite different than painting a picture, not only is the model 3 dimensional but the metal surface requires a different approach to applying paint.

You don’t need to bring anything to the factory when you visit. We will supply aprons to protect your clothes.

Halloween painted figures during the workshops being shown by visitors.

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