New! Soldier & Castle Door

Soldier with Door

New! Soldier & Castle Door

January 16, 2018
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New for 2018! Soldier & Castle Door

60 Mins Cast & Paint Soldier & Castle Door Workshop 14.95 per person

Cast and paint your very own SOLDIER along with the CASTLE DOOR where s/he stands ON GUARD! Create your own personally crafted officer to watch over you & protect you from bad dreams! Choose from 4 different military figures & Paint to your own tastes using our array of colors.

Flat soldier marchingFlat soldier firingFlat soldier chargingFlat soldier attacking

Suitable for 7+ years; Paint Only workshops available for under 7 years. 

Book online to avoid disappointment & to get an attractive 10% discount.

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Standard 40 & 60 minute workshops still running; 10 am – 4 pm daily!


  • Choose your soldier mould.
  • Melt the silvery soldier metal.
  • Sprinkle the magic soldier dust.
  • Then for about 4 mins imagine your soldier coming to life.
  • Open up the mould.
  • Trust the first name that comes to mind and it doesn’t matter what it is and then and only then will your soldier come to life.
  • This is a most exciting time for soldiers as they wait to find out what their new name will be.


By placing a castle door at home it opens up a portal needed for the soldier to pass through to your world.

Paint to your own taste with our range of paints. When painted, your castle door is ready to make it’s journey home with you and your very own soldier to start a new life.


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