Boys Day Out

Make and Paint Workshops

Boys Day Out

February 11, 2018
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Fun For Him.

Get a group of boys together and head out to the Toy Soldier Factory for a 60 minute Make & Paint workshop! Bring tons of creative energy! Our goal is to provide a space where people feel comfortable and confident creating beautiful pieces of art. We encourage both beginner and novice painters to explore their creativity and discover their inner artist with our Make & Paint workshops.

How does it work?

When you arrive you will choose the mould you want to cast.. Then you cast (make) your piece. Visit the creative corner, choose your colours and just start painting. All prices include casting, paint, priming and 60 minutes studio time. Once you have finished painting, you take your piece home.

What can you create?

See our Facebook images of what our customers have created.


A selection of cast and paint workshop.

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