My Christmas Elf!

My Christmas Elf Workshops

My Christmas Elf!

November 7, 2017
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My Christmas Elf !

60 mins workshop €14.95 per person.

Suitable for 7+ years

(not recommended for under 7’s; Paint Only workshops available instead.

Save 10% when you book online.

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Directly from Elfland, our award winning Boy/Girl Christmas Elf will bring fun & magic to homes & classrooms.

A Christmas Elf’s job is to watch, listen and more importantly reward.


Choose your mould to cast either a girl or boy Elf and our friendly staff will teach you how to cast your figure using the melted silvery Elf metal.
Sprinkle on the magic Elf dust & imagine your Elf coming to life.
Open up the mould as you are choosing a name for your Elf!
Trust the first name that comes to mind and it doesn’t matter what it is and then and only then will your Elf come to life. This is a most exciting time for Elves as they are eager to do their job for the Christmas season.

Get rewarded for being good!

The Christmas Elf is a fun take on the traditional theme of Santa’s helpers. Children can be encouraged to develop
good behavioural habits to impress their Elf as he or she will be making direct reports back to the man himself. No one wants to be delivered that dreaded bag of coal so every time a child is bold they have to make up for it by doing a good deed. When taken home the Elf can be placed somewhere that he or she can monitor everyday happenings and make secret notes of what is going on. The children can give them regular reminders of what they would like from Santa.

But……beware! The elves cannot guarantee you will get exactly what you want – Santa has lots of orders and may run out of certain items – but they will do their very best for you. Depending, of course, on your behaviour………

Book online to get an attractive 10% discount & ensure a space is kept for you!

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