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Toy Soldier Factory Visitor Center

So what is casting miniatures all about?

February 23, 2016

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Not sure what we do at our factory?

Most people never think about making miniatures, they think about collecting them, painting them, trading them or using them in a battlefield or war-game, but actually making them usually never enters the picture. Well that changes at our factory.

We don’t just sell miniatures, we also sell moulds so YOU can make miniatures, at home, in minutes. This seems impossible but as you watch the video below, it is actually very easy. Our moulds are pre-designed, with lots of themes to choose from, including chess, fantasy, historical and decorative. There are literally hundreds of moulds to choose from, and you can cast most figures within 10 minutes.

Hobby Casting Metal Miniatures using Prince August Rubber Moulds

What are our figures made of?

Well we cast in white metal, a low temperature metal that can easily be melted at home on your cooker, or using one of our handy hotplates. Our flagship metal is Model Metal, which comes in 125 gram ingots that can easily be melted into our ladles and then poured into our vulcanised rubber moulds. Allow five minutes to cool and open the mould and pop out the figure. Each mould can cast many copies, up to five hundred, if care is taken of the mould.

Can you try it at our visitor center?

You sure can, just sign up for a workshop, either before you arrive from our booking page, (thus saving 10%) or pay when you arrive. We offer a great selection of test moulds, including fairies, toy soldiers and seasonal decorations that suit adults and children.

What do I need to start casting at home?

Well we supply a wide range of starter kits that include many of the key ingredients, and we have supplementary accessories to enhance the hobby too. Once you get started you can expand on many of our ranges. One of our customers, using our 25mm scale Napoleonic moulds, cast whole armies  and made a huge Battle of Waterloo battle scene, which we now have in our exhibition hall. It will inspire you.

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