February 10, 2016
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With so many different options for you to Make & Paint, you could come back year-after-year and have a unique party every time!

Make it, Paint it & Take it Home.

Suitable for 7+

Unleash their creative spirit!!

Cost: From €10 per child.
Birthday boy/girl is FREE if you have 10 or more at the party.

For more information Tel: 026 40342

Casting and Painting miniatures is ideal for children age 7 & upwards. No experience required! People of all ages can enjoy painting miniatures.

How does it work?

When you arrive at the factory your party guests are greeted by our experienced and friendly staff.
The party group is given a demonstration on how to cast a figure and a little brief history of the factory. Then each child will choose from our range of themed moulds i.e. toy soldier, cavalry, ballerina, fairy etc., with the help and supervision of one of our staff they will then individually cast their own figure. Once the whole group has completed making their figure they are taken to the creative area to start painting their masterpiece. Once they finished painting they can take their piece home.

The creative painting area is not supervised by our staff so it’s advisable that one or more adults accompany the party guests. Or why not join in the fun of painting with the children FREE of charge, you would be surprised adults can enjoy it even more than the children.

How long does it take?

60 minutes or more, depending on the piece you cast, the level of detail you choose to add, and the speed at which you wish to paint.

What Can I Create?

  • Keepsake fairies, ballerina, hearts, toy soldiers, Calvary soldiers.
  • Holiday ornaments – Easter, Halloween, Christmas.
  • Gifts for Mum, Dad, teacher, weddings, Christmas and more.
  • Personalised fridges magnets.

All prices include the figure, casting, paint, priming and studio time.

Battle of Waterloo Exhibit

The Famous Battle of Waterloo

See the largest Battle Scene in the world The Battle of Waterloo.

The huge Diorama totalling 26 x 13 feet (8×4 Metres) in size, houses 15,000 hand cast and hand painted Prince August Model Soldiers.

Special offer to party goers €1.50 ea.

Tel:026 40342

Children are not allowed to roam around the working factory without Adult supervision.

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