Secondary Students


Secondary Students

February 11, 2018
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Hands on Experience!
Educationally Stimulating! Great Craic!

€7 Package

  • Watch closely as a Tin Soldier is cast in real metal right before your eyes
  • See the step by step demonstration
  • Meet the mould maker who shows you the mould making process
  • A student from each group is asked to spin a figurine
  • Students get to see how our products are blister packed
  • Learn about the history of the Prince August brand
  • See what the future holds for you with our latest interactive activity ‘Casting in Water’. Each student partakes in this activity. This has always been the highlight of the tour for students in the past!!

TOUR DURATION: 1 hour and 45 mins.

Minimum of 12 Students

Maximum 65 Students

€10 Package

Painting Workshops: Come in the morning or the afternoon. Spend 3 hours in our workshop section. Students ages 9+ will enjoy painting miniatures. The figures come in a range of styles and sizes. No experience needed. The novice painter gets help from our experienced and friendly staff who are always more than happy to explain the process.

Package includes:

  • Watch closely as a Tin Soldier is cast in real metal right before your eyes with a live demonstration
  • Learn the History of Prince August & the Lord of the Rings range of products we stock
  • Each student gets to choose a figurine they want to paint
  • Then each student is directed to the creative corner to paint their chosen figure
  • Each student takes their master piece home along with a painting pack which includes paints and a brush in case they need to add any finishing touches at home

What can you create?

  • Soldiers from different countries and times can be chosen to stimulate historical interest
  • Keepsake fairies, ballerina & cute hearts
  • Christmas decorations & teddy bears
  • Gifts for Mum, Dad, teachers, weddings, Christmas and more
  • Personalised fridge magnets


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