Boy/Girl Reward Elf Birthday Party

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Boy/Girl Reward Elf Birthday Party

September 13, 2018
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Boy/Girl Reward Elf Birthday Party

Cost: €12.95 per child.

Suitable for 8+ years. Not recommend for under 7 years.

Contact: 026 40342

Birthday boy/girl is FREE if you have 10 or more at the party. Minimum 6.
My Elf Friend!

Directly from Elfland, our award winning Boy/Girl Reward Elf will bring fun & magic to homes & classrooms.

A reward Elf’s job is to watch, listen and more importantly reward.

Product description:


Choose your Elf girl/boy mould.
Melt the silvery Elf metal.
Sprinkle the magic Elf dust.
Then for about 4mins imagine your Elf coming to life.
Open up the mould.
Trust the first name that comes to mind and it doesn’t matter what it is and then and only then will your Elf come to life.
This is a most exciting time for Elves as they wait to find out what their new name will be.

Get rewards for being good!

The Reward Elf is a fun take on the traditional Reward Sticker Wall Chart. Children can be encouraged to collect the coins which can then be exchanged for special rewards or treats.
As children develop good behavioural habits, they earn reward coins. These reward coins can be traded in for little treats which the child writes down on the reward card, (it’s up to the parent to decide on the reward, ie It could be a trip to the playground, Sticker book etc.) The elf then will write back on the Elf Reply Card letting the child know how many reward coins are needed for the chosen reward. The more reward coins earned the bigger the reward.

Beware the elves only gives small treats.

Parent Reward pack to be given ONLY to the parents when they leave.

(Parent reward pack includes 3 Elf Card ( Child reward card and Elf reply card) plus 10 plastic coloured coins.

See our Facebook images of what our customers have created.

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